Terms And Conditions

  1. RealRetail.com.au Pty Ltd do not act in the capacity of Licensed Real Estate Agents and does not seek commissions from transactions.
  2. RealRetail is a site sourcing and introductory service for the retail property industry.
  3. RealRetail is remunerated via an Introductory Fee from Landlords/Agents when an introduction is facilitated and results in a lease being entered into.
  4. Introductory Fees are not linked to the commercial terms of the lease (refer to Fees below)
  5. All contact or identifying information from both parties and Landlords/Agents remains confidential until both agree to proceed to an introduction.
  6. When researching suitable retail site information containing general location (suburb), net lettable area, permitted use, site appurtenances/features may be shared in the form of a site brief (Seeking/available)
  7. An Introduction will not take place when a Retailer has not first agreed to be contacted by the Landlord/Agent and the Landlord/Agent has not completed the agreement form and accepted the fee structure.
  8. By listing with RealRetail you confirm that no warranty, guarantee, or enduring contract to fulfil your request is entered into nor assumed.
  9. A successful introduction is made when the parties (Landlord and Lessee) exchange agreed commercial terms, which may not necessarily take the form of a registered lease (for example a casual mall lease or short term lease/rental)
  10. From time to time both Retailers and Landlords/Agents may be required to confirm their interest in a site (Retailers) or availability to lease remains.
  11. RealRetail reserves the right not to accept or process a request from any parties for any reason it so chooses and confirms there remains no inferred or implied obligations to any party.
  12. RealRetail does not warrant, guarantee, nor recommend any sites or opportunities presented by this introductory service and strongly advises particularly in the case of Lessees that suitable professional advice should always be sought when dealing with commercial transactions.


Introduction Fee:

* Marketing Levy = $995.00 (incl. GST)

Please note upon accepting these fees you will need to provide credit card details to confirm your willingness to proceed. Fees will only be charged once the parties exchange agreed commercial terms. (Refer to Item 9 above)